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Situated in a bustling new environment, Industry City canvases nearly 6 million square feet worth of loft space that is home to many artists, designers, and makers. Our team is situated in a corner loft of Building 2 facing the Manhattan skyline. We pay homage to our city culture and carry its energy out through our products. In a fast paced environment, New York has given us the opportunity to create and tailor to the exquisite taste that many of our clients share in common.

Please note each product takes 7-14 days to craft. We stand for individuality, each one of our items is made by hand in New York to order with the outmost attention to detail. All of our leathers are responsible sourced and pose no threat to the actual specie. These reptiles or animals ARE NOT taken from their natural habitat and killed for fashion. Cruelty free product, we are a responsible and conscious company when it comes to the materials we select for our products.

ELEMNT is a fairly new brand that began its heritage in early 2016 taking the year by a storm. Within one year we have grown to service over a couple of thousands customers and gain the respect of some VIP clients such as Rick Ross, Alec Monopoly, Khloe Terae, and Crime by Design. Our focus is to deliver bespoke accessories that create a connection with the customer both in aesthetic and function.


Based on the original mold used to cast the film’s costume, New York-based design company ELEMNT has crafted a bespoke Darth Vader helmet made entirely out of authentic python skin. Featuring 24K gold branding on the rear and a custom-made collector’s box, the helmet is a one-of-a-kind piece – so you better make a move before someone else does.

Nico Amarca

Elemnt doesn't just do Sith-y stuff. The company also offers a stingray iPhone case and an adhesive slice of marble to stick on your MacBook. If stepping this far outside the Star Wars costuming box isn't for you, you can just buy yourself a more classic costume complete with helmet ventilation and a codpiece. You can always add your own exotic touch later, perhaps by hot-melt-gluing some fake fur all over i

Amanda Kooser

Elemnt Marble Slab Covers—Spark anyone’s attention with this marble cover for MacBook and iPhone devices. Elemnt fuses a genuine slab of marble with a polycarbonate shell that can both protect and add beautiful aesthetic design to your MacBook, while being easily interchangeable. Check out the limited edition white marble display before it goes out of stock! Your MacBook deserves this kind of luxury, wouldn’t you say?

Nandeet Mehta
Huffington Post