Exquisite Materials

Material is at the core of the creation process, selecting the right leather is crucial to creating a quality accessory. Grade A, no imperfections, no scars, simply flawless. Our exotics are selected with utmost attention to detail to ensure a product that faces no imperfections even with time. Responsibly sourced from tanneries that pose no endangerment to the actual specie, handmade to order with perfection in mind.

Timeless articles made to perfection for those who understand luxury


The process of creating an item begins at the very selection of the material. Each leather is carefully selected to ensue there are no imperfections which include scars, abrasions, or discolorations. A master then creates the object off a template and hand assembles each piece with attention to detail.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.
Ralf Speth


Creating one of kind pieces that redefine the vision is a instinctual process that is at the very basic intuition of our nature. We want to create something that you never imagined before. Creation is at the root of our soul, we do it for the world to see not to be credited as the ones who animated

Good artists borrow; great artists steal
Pablo Picassso